Radio argon dating

Application to events in the past is not possible in the same manner because we do not know the exact conditions of occurrence and we cannot reproduce them.

We are obliged to use deductions and assumptions based exclusively on the effects of these past events presently observable.

The experimental method can solve scientific questions and problems by using instruments, measurement procedures, and data treatment.

The results, taking into account previous knowledge and discussion with other specialists, help to give an interpretation or build a theory.

All radiochronometers are based on the radioactive decay of unstable atoms (“parent” atoms, P).

These parent atoms decompose to “daughter” D atoms of lighter atomic mass in a spontaneous decay process, emitting radiation.

These investigations suppose complete coordination between different disciplines and laboratories.

The experimental method applied to events in the past.



Anomalous « K/Ar model ages » are frequently reported in the literature.These assumptions are not demonstrated, only supposed to be true.


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